Customer Service, Breathe AIR & the new Atlanta Wellness Center


Peace to the FAMILY!!!

First and foremost I would like to thank you for your support and patience. We are proud to announce The GRAND OPENING of The Amber Institute Indigenous Health Center at The Shomrey ha Torah temple located at 1386 Ralph D. Abernathy Blvd., Atlanta, GA 30310.

When my family and I created The Amber Institute we had no idea how fast we would grow.

We have been attacked on many levels and have overcome much adversity. The past two months have been very trying, however we are resilient. All orders are still currently being shipped. All test have been graded and magazines are slowly printing. The new issue of BreatheAIR will be released in April/May.

This WEEK on March 13 & 14 from 9am to 7pm, I will be doing FREE CONSULTATIONS as a result.

ALSO DON’T FORGET TO SUPPORT THE LAW & THE SWAGGER UNIFICATION TOUR headed to OHIO on March 21st featuring Brother Nasi and myself. Please click link below to view the trailor.

Proceeds from the tour will be donated to fund The Amber Institute Indigenous Health Center at The Shomrey ha Torah temple located at 1386 Ralph D. Abernathy Blvd., Atlanta, GA 30310.

Congratulations to my NEW Diagnostic Technicians:
Minister JaPHA, Philadelphia, PA
Empress Nu, Atlanta, GA

If you are interested in becoming a Diagnostic Technician call Minister JaPHA. Diagnostic Technician certification cost $599 which includes: Diagnostic machine, Laptop, Training, 100 plus dollars in products & much more.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Further information on products in Atlanta, please contact Brother Nasi @ 404-552-2533
Consultation calls please contact Minister EnQi @ 404-457-0844 & Minister JaPHA @ 215-200-5566.
Wholesale product information in Atlanta, please call Empress Nu @ 678-558-5847.

Minister EnQi Sang Real
Owner and Founder of The Amber Institute & ChaseLIGHT

Media’s brEAThe of fresh AIR!!!

The power is within our grasp to control our global image, take a deep breathe. Breathe AIR is the answer to our Media Crisis. Make no mistake this is not a fly by night team of rookies in the Magazine business we have accredited Consultants from some of the most prolific Hip Hop & Multi Cultural periodicals in the last 100 years. We have a wide range of writers literally starting from 3 years old up to 70+ years old.

The time is now the revolution is here and you have the opportunity to play any role you want…. Contribute content to or simply become a member of ChaseLight (ALL MEMBERS GET A FREE COPY OF THE MAGAZINE EVERY MONTH). Every content contributor actually gets to function as an advisor of the Magazine and also distributor of the Magazine. To contribute content does not lock you into the decision making aspects of the Magazine but it opens the door up for you. Everyone who participates not only has a voice to the masses but in the say the way the Magazine grows.


There will be 3 ways to purchase the Magazine:

1) Subscription is through ChaseLight memberships at

2) You can include the Magazine with any other purchase of $20 or moor for an Extra $5

3) You can order it alone for $12

The revolution will not be televised….!!!

website is under construction

All prices subject to change…

Live it or Diet